Tyre Pressure Gauge Reviews

I was having problems getting consistent results from the gauges I had, so I decided to compare them, and buy a few more. so that I would know if they were accurate or not, or at least consistently wrong.

All were purchased from eBay or Chinese Online Stores for under $20, except for the Slime which was $40 from a retail store..


Given that I don't have access to a source of known pressure, or a calibrated gauge, I decided to use the following method.
  1. Pump up a tyre to a indicated 40PSI.
  2. Measure with all gauges. 3 times.
  3. Repeat for 25PSI.
  4. Repeat both measurements again.
  5. Compare results.
  6. Note if results for each gauge is consistent. Retest any with gross inconsistencies. Discard if inconsistencies remain.
  7. Note if values between gauges converge on a value. Regard that value as "correct". Note difference from that value for each gauge.
  8. Use gauge(s) which is (a) Stable, (b) Easy/convenient to use

The following will also be noted:

Here are the Candidates:









#9 Slime

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